the organization

Il Tetracordo is an Italian association founded in June 2014.
Its goal is to spread the culture of Jazz music through a net of activities that aim to the development of:

- the active participation of the students at the workshops
- carrer development for young musicians
- the enhancement of young talents
- the organization of Festivals and concerts throughout Europe
- the social inclusion of the most disadvantaged groups of the population.

Giordano Carnevale: CO-FOUNDER AND

Giordano Carnevale (clarinet) was born in Italy and raised in London. He began practice music at the age of 4, playing clarinet at the age of 8 and was working professionally by age 16. He studied at Paris Conservatory and has played in the ensemble of music legends such as Ari Roland, Stephane Delplace, Chris Byars and Zaid Nasser. With over ten years experience performing around Europe and United States to a wide range of audience; from theaters to jazz clubs to embassies. Designed cultural diplomacy programs for embassies; music academic curriculum for universities and workshop and artistic direction for musical festivals. Has thorough education and professional experiences in jazz and classical music. His innovative and dynamic activity as a musician follows ideals of development of musical language as a diplomatic tools for socio-cultural relationship, interculturality and exchange between different cultures.

artistic directors: Giordano Carnevale & Simone Pace
project manager: Federico Mattia Papi
production manager: Andrea Antonilli
artistic consultant: Vincenzo Capone
artistic consulent: Andrea Palumbo

past activities

workshops, festival

July 2018
Tetracordo Summit 2018
July 2017
Tetracordo Summit - Isernia
July 2016
Tetracordo Jazz Summit - Isernia
November 2015 – June 2016
Jazz music workshop at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris
December 2015
Tetracordo Jazz Holiday in Paris - Isernia
July 2015
Tetracordo Jazz Workshop & Festival - Sant'Agapito/Isernia
December 2014
Winter Jazz Workshop - Isernia
July 2014
Tetracordo Jazz Workshop & Festival - Sant'Agapito/Isernia


December 2015
Tetracordo Jazz Holiday in Paris. Two students selected for a study holiday in Paris.
July 2014
Tetracordo Jazz Workshop & Festival. A student under 25 from Molise received a scholarship of €500.

cultural interchange

July 2015
Ulysse program: 25 migrants took part in the Tetracordo Jazz Workshop and Festival.